Join us for an enlightening webinar where we delve into the dynamic landscape of clinical research in oncology. Our expert speakers will explore diverse topics, including the evolution of clinical research, the intricacies of constructing new phases 1 and 2 studies, pan-tumor investigations, considerations for study endpoints, and the crucial task of selecting the best phase 3 studies that truly meet the needs of patients.

Tailored specifically for oncologists, this webinar aims to address pertinent issues such as unmet needs in breast cancer research, strategies for increased representation of minorities in studies, and the pivotal role of clinical studies in enhancing patient care. Join us for an engaging discussion on the forefront of oncology research and its profound impact on advancing patient outcomes.

Note: This program is also available in a separate French language recording. Simply switch the language setting at the top right to see this version.


  • 1

    Evolution of clinical research

  • 2

    Intricacies of constructing new phases 1 and 2 studies

  • 3

    Pan-tumor investigations

  • 4

    Selecting the best phase 3 studies that truly meet the needs of patients

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Dr. Jamil Asselah MD, FRCPC

Medical Oncologist - McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) President of the Executive Scientific Committee, McPeak-Sirois Group


Dr Véronique Diéras, MD

Senior Medical Oncologist Eugene Marquis Center, Rennes, France

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