Panel discussion and review of SABCS 2023 Breast Cancer data and its impact on clinical practice moderated by Dr. Rami J. Younan featuring Dr. Julie Lemieux & Dr. Kim Ma.

Dr. Lemieux delves into the metastatic and neoadjuvant spheres, unraveling pivotal studies like Monarch 3, HER2CLIMB-02, TOPION-Breast01, KEYNOTE-756, Checkmate 7FL, and KEYNOTE-522 - sharing key results and data presented at SABCS 2023. Dr. Kim Ma sheds light on the adjuvant landscape, discussing surgical innovations, diverse breast cancer management perspectives, genetic considerations, and the latest in radio-oncology.

Recorded from the LIVE webinar on Thursday January 18th 2024

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Dr. Rami J. Younan, MD, FRCSC

Surgical oncologist


Dr. Julie Lemieux MD, MSc, FRCPC

Hematologist & Medical Oncologist


Dr. Kim Ma MD, CM, FRCPC


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