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    All molecular sub-types are found in ER+ve breast cancers

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    ER+ve cancers have better short-term prognosis but kill more women than ER-ve cases

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    HIGH ER risk of late relapse & Death in ER+ve vs ER-ve BCs

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    Relapse risks persist for at least 20 years in ER+ve BCA


The persistent challenge of ER+ve early breast cancers

  • ER+ve breast cancers represent the largest proportion of newly diagnosed breast cancers
  • Mortality from ER+ve/HER2-ve breast cancer is proportionally lower but numerically higher during the first 5 years post diagnosis.
  • After 5 years patients with ER+ve breast cancer are at higher risk of metastasis than patients with ER-ve disease
  • Improvements in outcome, based on novel therapeutic approaches, have been less impactful for ER+ve/HER-ve cancers than for other subgroups.

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