• 1

    Multigene sequencing

  • 2

    Underpinning genetic mechanisms of activation of the pathways may differ between primary and metastatic breast cancer

  • 3

    Metastatic HER2+ definition may change with ADCs

  • 4

    Multiplatform approaches are required


The landscape of genomic alterations in metastatic breast cancer

  • Signaling pathways in primary breast cancer
  • Metastatic breast cancers differ from primary breast cancers
  • Genes significantly mutated in metastases vs primary breast cancers
  • Parallel sequencing: beyond mutations and copy number alterations
  • Genomic differences between primary and metastatic disease

Targeting new pathways

  • Homologous recombination DNA repair: PARP inhibitors and beyond
  • Targeting DNA damage response (DDR) and HRD
  • Targeting APOBEC mutagenesis
  • Chromatin remodeling genes are frequently altered in MBCs

Redefining old entities

  • HER2 positive breast cancers

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Jorge S Reis-Filho, MD PhD FRCPath

Chief, Experimental Pathology Service Memoria ...
at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

New York, USA

Physician-scientist Jorge Reis-Filho focuses on the development of a predictive molecular classification for rare types of breast cancer.

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