Scientific Presentation with Prof. John Bartlett reviewing the current data on Molecular Profiling from prognosis to prediction.


  • 1

    There is robust evidence for predictive value using gene expression profiles to direct chemotherapy choices in the neo-adjuvant and adjuvant setting

  • 2

    The use of prognostic signatures to predict chemotherapy benefit means that many of the existing challenges of these prognostic signatures will also impact on predictive use.

  • 3

    Gaps in evidence exist particularly for pre-menopausal women with ovarian suppression and clinically very high risk (pN2 patients)

  • 4

    Discrepancies in test results at the individual patient level give rise for concern.

  • 5

    The impact of other variables is uncertain at present (e.g. Lobular cancers, Male breast cancer, ethnicity)

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